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Starting May 26, we have some exciting news for our Kids Ministry, more space! More space for kids to have fun and grow in their walk with God. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to connect with God, each other, and the calling He’s placed inside of them. To mitigate our kids’ space from being overcrowded, we have upgraded one of the RVs to a portable that sits across the parking lot from the complex. 



So, what changes? If your child is ages 7-11 they will now have Sunday Service inside the portable. If your child is ages 4-6 they will stay in the same RV, BUT, that RV will now be parked next to the new portable in the front of the church. If your child is ages 0-3 your child will remain in the main building's nursery room as before.


The safety of your kids is most important, so check-in and check-out will be a little different. You will be able to check in your entire family from two locations:

  1. The first location is just inside the first door of the portable. The check-in desk will print name tags for all of your kids and then you can take them to their classes. Kids ages 7-11 will stay in the portable for their service. Kids ages 4-6, you’ll walk them to the RV right next to the portable in the front of the church. Then you can take your little ones, ages 0-3 into the nursery inside the church. You won’t have to check them in again if you got all their tags the first time. 

  2. The second location is inside the church. It’s in the same place it was before. Self-check in the sanctuary and a volunteer at the kid’s check-in desk. You can also print all the kids tickets at these locations and then take them to their classes. Remember, there are no classrooms outside of the back doors anymore. So you have to check-out your kids from the new location.

Check-out for kids ages 7-11 will be at the Second door of the portable to ease congestion between services. Check-out for the kids in the RV will be at the RV door and a teacher or an assistant will help with verifying the security tags and kids tags.


This means if you have a 9-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a toddler, you can check all your kids in at the portable, leave your 9-year-old in the portable for service, and then walk out and right across to the RV and drop off your 4-year-old before heading inside the main building and leaving your toddler in the nursery area. Once service is over, you will check your child(ren) out of the classrooms you left them, understanding that the older kids have a separate check-out door just past the check-in door on the portable.


You can check in your child(ren) as early as 15 minutes before the start of service. Please remember to grab your child(ren) when service is finished in the main building so our volunteers can prepare for the next class or clean up and get ready to go home for the day.


You will still need your parent pick-up tag matching your child's tag you received at check-in to check out each child. Just as before you will present the parent pick-up tag to the teacher. If you have multiple kids to check out in different rooms, please keep your parent tag until you have checked each child out.


Additional Parking:

In addition, we’ve also cleared space for parent parking, and encourage you to pull up and park right next to the RV and Portables instead of the parking lot.

We’re excited for the growth we’re seeing in our Kid’s Ministry and we thank you in advance for your patience as we work out the kinks in our new process!



  1. What if my child needs to use the restroom? We ask you take your kid to the restroom before checking in and we will have a portable restroom accessible for them to use during service. 

  2. What if I'm needed during service? We will follow the same procedure and text you if needed.

  3. Will security be the same? Yes, we will have a scheduled Security Team member stationed at the area to keep an eye on both the portable and RV.

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