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This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. These staff members and pastors serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church.


Cory -

Cody -

Cory and Cody Tobin

Lead Pastors

Cory and Cody met in Tulsa Oklahoma where they attended Bible College. They also both hold Bachelors degrees in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.


After a period of dating, Cory and Cody moved to Cody’s hometown of Ocala, Florida where they were married in 2004. Three years later they moved back to Cory’s hometown of Spokane, where they raise their three girls: Kaidyn, Dagny and Malyn.


After Cory’s parents retired from ministry, Cory and Cody stepped into the Lead Pastor role for Westside Church.


Both Cory and Cody are excited about our "Fairways and beyond" community and look forward to meeting you in person when you visit Westside Church!

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Chris Bailey

Westside Youth Pastor

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Deidre Goodwin

Westside Kids Director / Office Admin

Deidre and her husband Chris lived in Lacey, WA, where she served as the Nursery Director at her local church. In 2019 they felt God leading them to Spokane where they landed with their son, Paxten. 


While visiting Westside Church, they found a place that felt like family and an environment for their faith and relationship with God to flourish like never before. 


Long story short, they stayed at Westside Church. Since then they have added Brixlyn and adopted Michael into their family. Deidre and Chris attend bible school at Break Forth Bible Institute.

Chris and Holly met in Spokane, WA where their families attended church. Soon after they got married they started a family and helped with the launch of Westside Church back in 2015.


After a couple of years, Westside was growing and needed a youth ministry. Cory and Cody helped disciple Chris and Holly into youth ministry leaders and eventually into their current calling as our Youth Pastors. 


Chris and Holly love investing in the next generation as well as serving the youth of Westside Church and the surrounding community.

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